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H.H. The Amir, H.E. Shaikh Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jabor Al-Thani, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, and H.E. President Bashar Al Assad of Syria holding a meeting at Damascus International Airport.
The State of Qatar is very eager to promote fraternal relations with all Arab countries, it calls for the unification of the Arab stand, reconciliation of positions and strengthening of Arab solidarity to withstand the challenges and dangers they face and overcome the state of weakness, disintegration and inaction from which they are suffering.

As regards the Palestinian issue, Qatar considers that the Israeli practices against the Palestinian people constitute serious escalation and threat to the security and stability of the region and aim at the implementation of the Israeli schemes to put an end to any chance to achieve peace, abort the Road Map and evade the requirements of the peace process. The State of Qatar has long reiterated its support for the Palestinian people in their legitimate struggle to attain their national rights and establish their independent state with Al-Qudas Al-Shareef as its capital. Qatar has called upon the international community and the Quartet to provide international protection for the Palestinian people, enable them to exercise their inalienable national rights, put an end to the impediments to establish just and comprehensive peace in accordance with the resolutions of international legitimacy and the Road Map as well as compelling Israel to comply with its commitments and withdraw from the Gollan Syrian Heights and the remaining occupied Lebanese territories.

As for the brotherly Iraqi people and the conditions, difficulties and challenges facing them and demanding solidarity with them and assisting
them, Qatar welcomed the formation of the Provisional Governing Council and the Iraqi cabinet and hopes that the new constitution will be able to achieve the aspirations of the Iraqi people to conduct free elections and set up constitutional institutions for the implementation of the wishes of the brotherly people and their national aspirations to rule themselves by themselves in an independent and united Iraq.

In addition, Qatar welcomed the negotiations to restore peace to South Sudan between the Sudanese Government and the rebellion movement and the ensuing agreements contributing to the security of this country, its development and stability.

Qatar also wishes that the brothers in Somalia would reach consensus to form a national government representing all factions of the brotherly Somali people and restore for Somalia its unity, independence and sovereignty on its territories.

Qatar always welcomes the efforts exerted by the Arab League to reconcile Arab stands and restore Arab solidarity on realistic bases characterized by openness and objectivity to serve common Arab interests.

Qatar supports the march of peace in the Middle East, because it believes in the need for comprehensive and just peace for all peoples of the region to attain their aspiration for progress and development.
H.H. The Amir and H.E. the Prime Minister and Foreign Ministerlistens to President Suleiman's address to the Parliament.
As regards humanitarian assistance, Qatar has extended financial, medical and in kind assistance to several Arab countries. Within the context of the State of Qatar's pursuit to promote its relations with sisterly Arab countries, H.H. the Emir has paid visits to various Arab countries in the past few years, leading to the signing of various agreements and the formation of joint committees with a view to activating such agreements and strengthening cooperation between Qatar and sisterly Arab countries.